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ABOUT THIS NEWSLETTER ABC-CLIO is pleased to bring you History and the Headlines, a series of free online resource collections. These materials provide authoritative information and engaging activities that help students and patrons understand important events.

National History Day

Double Victory: Minorities and Women During World War II
INTRODUCTION The Second World War was fought in thousands of places, too many for any one accounting. Ken Burns's and Lynn Novick's The War is the story of four American towns and how their citizens experienced that war. READ MORE NEED TO KNOW World War II, the largest and most destructive conflict fought in human history, was the culmination of a process that saw the United States emerge as a global power. READ MORE POINT OF VIEW It is no surprise that times of war are times of great personal, social, and national upheaval, but World War II was arguably the most tumultuous of all for America because it was a total war effort, on a scale never seen before or after in this country. READ MORE EXAMINE Five lesson plans present different topics and activities for teachers to use with their students when studying World War II. READ MORE

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