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Instructions regarding the Delano Grapes/Schenley Liquor boycott

Title: Instructions regarding the Delano Grapes/Schenley Liquor boycott
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This document outlines clear instructions for the implementation of a successful consumer boycott of Schenley Liquor products. Schenley was identified as a being a good target for a consumer boycott since the vast majority of Delano-produced grapes were used in the manufacture of Schenley made wines. While the goal was to generate as much consumer support as possible, there were strict guidelines for how such a picketer was to behave, including not forcing handbills upon shoppers, avoiding harassment, encouraging consumers to contact César Chávez, avoiding the blocking of store entrances, and avoiding secondary boycotts (e.g. prohibiting the delivery of shipments of products to said stores).

Boycott Instructions – Delano Grapes/Schenley Liquors 1966

Instructions For Picketing And Hand-billing For The Delano Grape And Schenley Boycott

This effort is an attempt to stimulate a consumer boycott only. Our purpose is to put as much economic pressure as possible on the growers. If we stray outside of the boundaries established by the law, all of our efforts will be curtailed.

1. Since this is an attempt to reach consumers, picketing and hand-billing must take place at consumer entrances. Do not picket or distribute handbills inside the store.

2. Ordinarily picketing may be done only on public property. However, IN CALIFORNIA ONLY, in situations involving supermarkets or shopping centers with parking lots, it may be possible to go onto private property, that is the parking lot. This may be done if the consumer entrance to the store is only through the parking lot and there is no other effective way to reach the consumer. In case of doubt, contact the person in charge of the picketing, who will in turn contact the attorneys. If you are ordered to leave private property by any authority, do so, and call in for advice. Under no other circumstances may you go on private property.

3. Do not argue with, harass, or intimidate anyone, whether it is a consumer, a store manager or an employee. Do not force a handbill on anyone and if they are thrown away by consumers, pick them up promptly

4. Do not engage in conversations with anyone; advise interested parties to contact Cesar Chavez, P.O. Box 894, Delano, California.

5. Under no circumstances are you to stop delivery to the store that would be a punitive measure against the store known as a secondary boycott.

6. Under no circumstances should you attempt to persuade or encourage employees not to perform services for their employer.

7. Remember, this is a consumer boycott – you are picketing a produce NOT the store handling the product.

8. The National Farm Workers Association may be held answerable for your conduct., so you are not to drink, or fight or carry weapons of any sort, or swear, or engage in any conduct which might be classified as boisterous.

9. Limit your numbers to small groups of 2 or 3 at any entrance. Mass picketing, blocking entrances or traffic, is illegal and must be avoided.

10. These instructions limit your authority. We appreciate your help, but we must remind you that discipline is essential.


Courtesy of the Farmworker Movement Documentation Project


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