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A letter from César Chávez to Antoine DaVigo

Title: A letter from César Chávez to Antoine DaVigo
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In this letter dated January 8, 1969, César Chávez, director of the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee (later renamed UFW), expresses his gratitude to Dr. Antoine daVigo for allowing him to use an apartment for local lodging in Monterey County. Throughout the 1960s-1970s, Chávez and most of the other UFW officers maintained a paltry subsistence wage. The UFW relied on generous monetary and in-kind contributions like that of the daVigo's to continue their organizing endeavors.

January 8, 1969

Antoine DaVigo
Via Milpitas Road
Carmel Valley, California

Dear Mr. and Mrs. DaVigo,

You can imagine how pleased I was to see my family again after being away from Delano for more than two months. I found them all—all eight of them—recovered form the flu and generally as vivacious as ever; our Christmas was quiet, but very enjoyable. The morale of our membership here in Delano was very good and this, despite the fact that many, many families are stationed in different cities of the United States and Canada leading the boycott against California table grapes. They are resigned to the fact that the struggle will be long and arduous but know too, that time and tide are in our favor.

I think my back is better. We found an enclosed pool in Delano with the water temperature between ninety-five and a hundred degrees; I am able to work out in the pool twice a day in addition to doing my regular exercises with the result that I feel much stronger. There has been some severe pain on several occasions but it has been of a passing kind and serves to strengthen my resolve to get better.

LeRoy and I are very indebted to you for the use of your beautiful apartment in Carmel during our stay there. I hope we left everything in good order and trust that you will please let us know if there was anything broken or missing. I still regret the fact that I was not feeling well enough to take you up on your offer of a spaghetti dinner; I promise to come back for it. I hope that your Christmas was peaceful and that your two sons are in good health. Please let me know if there is anything we can ever do for you and I hope to see you again soon.


Cesar Chavez


Courtesy of the Farmworker Movement Documentation Project


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