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Civil Rights Legislation, 1863–1991

Name Year Topics
Emancipation Proclamation 1863 slaves in Confederate states
Thirteenth Amendment 1864 slavery
Civil Rights Act of 1866 1866 emancipation; rights of freed blacks
Peonage Abolition Act 1867 other forms of slavery
Fourteenth Amendment 1868 rights of freed blacks
First Enforcement Act 1870 voting rights
Fifteenth Amendment 1870 voting rights
Second Enforcement Act 1871 voting rights
Third Enforcement Act 1871 Ku Klux Klan
Civil Rights Act of 1875 1875 discrimination in public places and on juries
Executive Order 8802 1941 discrimination in government jobs
Executive Order 9808 1946 President's Committee on Civil Rights
Executive Orders 9980 and 9981 1948 government hiring practices; armed forces
Civil Rights Act of 1957 1957 U.S. Civil Rights Commission; new protections of voting rights
Executive Order 11063 1962 housing discrimination
Civil Rights Act of 1964 1964 voting rights; school desegregation; federal intervention
Twenty-fourth Amendment 1964 poll tax
Voting Rights Act 1965 voting rights
Fair Housing Act 1968 real estate discrimination
Civil Rights Act of 1991 1991 workplace discrimination

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