Memorable Battles in World History
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Title: Damage from Nagasaki bombing
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There is no consensus among scholars as to which battles had the most historical impact. Sometimes, historians may agree that a particular event was important, but disagree about why it is significant. For instance, the dropping of the first atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 is undoubtedly historically important, but some might cite its military impact (ending World War II in the Pacific), while others might highlight its cultural implications (the start of the nuclear age).

Using the related items included in the Need to Know section of this Web site, compile your own list of the five battles or military events you believe are the most important. Explain why you chose each one. What was its military significance? Did it have other political, economic, or social impacts? Was its significance immediate, or did it become apparent only with time?

Each student should then share his or her list with the rest of the class. As a group, discuss what similarities and differences exist between them. Were certain events picked more often than others? Was the same battle chosen for different reasons?


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